SHILLA HWARANG MUYEH – SHILLA HWARANG MARTIAL ARTS : our dojangs (schools) teach the ancient Korean martial and healing art of HWA RANG DO.

HWA RANG DO is so much more than the “typical martial art”. On one level it combines health and physical fitness with practical, effective self-defense techniques.

  • HWA RANG DO has the workouts one needs to loose weight and maintain physical fitness. It has the exciting kicks, punches and jumping techniques just like Tae Kwon Do and Kung Fu/Wushu.
  • It is an incredible “cardio” work-out that many people want, just as in Tae Bo, aerobics and so on
    It possesses the practical, efficient self-defense techniques as in Ju-Jitsu, Hapkido or Karate.
  • It has the health, therapeutic and inner strength exercises that many adults and seniors want, just as Tai Chi and Qi Kung.

HWA RANG DO, however, is more than just a workout or a system of self-defense. It emphasizes developing mental acuity to the highest level and achieving Harmony of Mind, Body and Spirit. It is important to note that over 75% of our adult black sashes have college degrees.

In short, HWA RANG DO is one of the most comprehensive and diversified arts today. You will have a great workout and most important of all: you will enjoy yourself!